and paint walls with my brains.

Today marks the day when instead of saying “I have a severe phobia about needles”, I´ve trade it for an “I suffer from a big discomfort about the tought of being injected” 

Today is a great day. 

Theory of trauma says that it is the consequency of an event of extreme confusion and insecurity. Theory of trauma says that when you have to go through something really painful, your body simply shuts down.

I get too violent 
and then I do not remember anything. 

I hope your ink makes your whole skin fall off and I hope it would be one thousand times as painful as all u’ve done to me. 

and that wouldn’t even be a small percentage of all that u deserve. 

I’ve realized that I run to fast out of work just to spent about two hours a day heading somewhere that I definitely do not want to be at. 

I want to be somewhere quiet. 

I certainly don’t want this to sound like every other suicidal teenager cliché blog, but today has been one of those days that for every deep breath I take, I truly hope it would my very last one. 

Problem with this is that days like today, are happening way too often. 

On phentermine, again, since 02/22/14 
Today, it shows 171. That is -4, as expected. 

Mad headache, as expected.
Nausea, as expected.

I need to learn how to move on from people as fast as everyone can move on from me.